ARC Welding

-China’s earliest batch robot arc welding application;

-Independently develop special arc welding software package;
-The external axis following function;
-Welder control technology combined with communication bus technology Annual sales of more than 600 sets;
-The acquisition of Carl CLOOS, a world-renowned welding robot and welding machine company, in 2019 provides a solid foundation for ESTUN’s welding technology improvement.
-In the future, ESTUN Arc Welding Robotic products will be combined with Carl. CLOOS‘s welding technology. Our target is providing the market with high-quality and cost-effective robotic arc welding workstation products based on ESTUN robotic technology。

Part of functions equipped within Arc welding software

  1. High speed communication power source control;
  2. Arc breaking detection, arc restart function;
  3. Pre-weld data setting;
  4. segmental welding, intermittent weld;
  5. wire conglutinating detection.
  6. Externalaxis following function, up to 10 external
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