Press Tending

Series of products provide different solutions to sheet metal fabrication industry

Sheet metal fabrication is one of the most common applications of robotic applications. Instead of using human operators, robotic press tending is safer and more reliable. In the industries like automotive, home appliance, telecommunication, furniture, machinery, high speed train, ESTUN robots have served almost every sheet metal fabrication application for different industries with reliable performance and high environment tolerance.

Press Tending:

No matter 6 axis or 4 axis ESTUN robots, they are widely used in different press tending applications in almost every industry.


ER80—The First 6 axis bending robots ever in the world

  • With ESTUN patented bending software, with a variety of bending process, teaching time is extremely reduced into half hour;
    The world’s first sheet metal bending robot which has obtained several innovative patents;
    ESTUN Bending offline programming software makes programming in a simple laptop becoming possible.

Robotic Bending

  • Excellent consistency of work piece;
  • 24/7 no stop;
  • Lower operation costs;
  • No safety issue;
  • Higher productivity;
  • Better Brand Image.

Not every workpiece is suitable for robotic bending

  • Larger is better;
  • Heavier is better;
  • Massive production is better;
  • A new machine is better than an old one.

Samrt Robot Bending》V4.0 Robotic Bending Software

Patented specialized bending software: Smart Robot Bending V4.0:

  • Easy to program;
  • Easy to use;
  • Setting parameters only
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