• Die-casting specialized robot, its forearm and wrist can withstand 200°Cof high temperature environment for 20 seconds;
  • Integrated mechanical structure, to ensure the IP67 wrist protection level;
  • The robot body achieves the overall IP65 protection level;
  • J1 axis can rotate 360 degrees to meet the needs of all direction;
  • soft floating function specialized for die casting process;

Picking and Spray ingintegrated workstation

1、It can realize the integration of the three functions of pickup, spraying and inspection.

2、Save running beat time.

3、Save manufacturing costs, without the need for a separate spray robot

Special software for linear soft float

In the process of picking up parts, the robot will move linearly in the direction in which the die-cast product is forced out to prevent the robot from touching the product during the picking process.

Inconsistent exit directions cause damage to products, molds or grippers. This soft feature is the linear soft floating function of the robot.

Estun SoftFlot The software is the first domestic special software for linear soft floating with completely independent intellectual property rights developed by Estun

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