On September 25, 2020, a group of 20 people from the Industry and Information Technology Think Tank Alliance, under the leadership of Comrade Fan Bin, Deputy Director of the Department of Politics and Law of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, visited Estun Company for investigation. Dr. Wang Jiegao, Dean of Estun Automation Robot Research Institute, and Ms. Yuan Qin, Deputy General Manager, accompanied the visit. Experts visited Estun’s lean, intelligent and information-based industrial robot intelligent assembly workshop, as well as the intelligent assembly line and industrial robot training and training base that the company is customizing for customers.

At the research and exchange meeting, Dr. Wang Jiegao warmly welcomed the leaders and experts of the industry and information think tank alliance to visit Estun Company for investigation and study, and introduced the company’s development history, product development direction, current status of the robot industry and existing problems; Yuan Ms. Qin introduced the company’s development strategy and planning, industrial transformation and upgrading, and corporate mergers and acquisitions. The experts participating in the research meeting fully exchanged and discussed the industrial development of industrial robots, enterprise development plans, problems in industrial development, and enterprise development needs. Deputy Director Fan Bin fully affirmed Estun’s current achievements in the industrial robot industry and recognized Estun Automation’s implementation of the “All made by Estun” strategy. As a national industrial robot brand and a rising star of industrial robots, Dare to benchmark the world’s industrial robot brands, continue to increase R&D investment, actively innovate, and be the leader of domestic robots. At the same time, give valuable opinions on the development of Estun: first, we must insist on innovation and development, continue to invest in research and development, do a good job of intellectual property management, and master the core technology of industrial robots; second, we must benchmark internationally advanced, constantly look for differences, learn from each other, and comprehensively improve; Third, we must pay attention to the coordinated development of the industrial chain, give full play to the advantages of the leader, interconnection, and contribute our wisdom to the development of national industrial robots.

Director Jia Hongwei of the Department of Politics and Law of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, investigator Zhang Jianlun, Deputy Dean Shi Yong of the Institute of Machinery Industry Information, Deputy Dean Xu Ning of the Yangtze River Industrial Economic Research Institute of Nanjing University, and Dean Zhou Peng of the Tianjin Institute of Industry and Information Technology accompanied the investigation .

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