On November 9, 2020, the “18th China Welding Bridge Industry Development Forum” under the guidance of the China Welding Association and hosted by Estun Automation was held in Nanjing.

This year’s Welding Bridge Industry Development Forum focused on “the road to high-quality development of the welding industry in the post-epidemic era”. The meeting shared and discussed welding technology and applications, covering welding equipment, welding materials, hydropower, nuclear power, defense aviation, petrochemicals, and environmental protection And other key industries.

The conference invited well-known experts and scholars in welding and related fields at home and abroad, leading enterprises, and related technical leaders to discuss the current problems and challenges facing China’s welding industry on the theme of the forum.

The conference focused on current cutting-edge technology and popular application industries, in the field of robotic welding and additive technology, and the development and application of laser welding technology, and carried out technology sharing and cutting-edge prospects.

As the organizer of the “18th Welding Bridge Industry Development Forum”, Estun Automation has joined hands with German CLOOS to exchange welding technology with industry experts, and introduce CLOOS’ experience in the welding field and new technology application solutions.

German CLOOS has accumulated rich experience in the field of welding and cutting technology: control welding, high-speed pulse welding, deep melt welding, cold welding, double wire welding are all well-known brands in the industry to provide mature and complete solutions.

CLOOS welding technology can be perfectly applied to various materials with a thickness of 0.5mm to 450mm, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, and various non-ferrous alloys. With a hundred years of welding technology accumulation, CLOOS can provide customers with welding technology that meets various scenarios.

The arc tracking technology of high-performance welding robot launched by CLOOS has self-adaptive arc tracking gap, which can not only correct the changes in the left and right and height of the weld, but also detect the weld gap and automatically match the appropriate welding parameters.

CLOOS focuses on the research and development of AI programming for welding robots, promotes simple programming methods, and achieves the greatest simplification of welding robot operations.

Robot AI programming is a new generation of robot control and control, after teaching programming, offline programming software (roboplan) + teaching verification, robot self-programming, IRPS real-time programming, and combining CLOOS’s rich welding process accumulation and artificial intelligence algorithms. Operation method.

As a welding leader, CLOOS actively develops new technologies and products. Now the CLOOS robot product series cover three categories: thin plate, medium plate and thick plate: QIROX-W series is suitable for thin plate industry; QIROX-E series is suitable for medium plate industry; QIROX-P series is suitable for medium and heavy plate industry.

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