On September 15, the China Industrial Fair opened grandly. Estun Automation, together with TRIO, CLOOS, and MAi, focused on complete solutions for industrial automation, industrial robots, and intelligent manufacturing. It exhibited new core components for automation, a new generation of industrial robots, and targeted multiple Industry motion control solutions, and industrial robot application solutions.

Estun Automation has released a new series of TRIO controller 404Z, PLC series products, inverters, DX4, DX5 series servo drives.

From the executive layer-drive layer-control layer-information layer, the digital development of industrial automation with concrete deconstruction.

As one of China’s leading industrial automation companies, Estun Automation has accumulated millions of servo systems installed. Servo systems have become an important choice for industry benchmark customers in 3C electronics, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, woodworking, packaging, textiles and other fields. Based on providing customers with complete automation solutions, Estun has worked with TRIO to create complete solutions in general motion control and multiple sub-sectors.

Permeating the core of network communication, Estun provides digital solutions for the automation industry, supporting OPC UA, TCP/IP and other industry application communication protocols. Digital solutions built for multiple industries can monitor execution equipment in real time, realize two-way data communication, integrate massive amounts of data, and develop customized digital production solutions for different business types.

Estun’s new generation of industrial robot technology adopts a new type of robot integrated control cabinet to realize the modularization and integration of the robot control system, making the cabinet more compact and more convenient for maintenance and application.

New industrial robots provide customized robots for many industries, such as ER20 (20KG load) and ER50 (50KG load) in the die casting industry, ER60 (60KG load) in the logistics and warehousing industry, and high-speed arc welding robot ER6-1450-H, SCARA series ER10-600-SR (10KG load) and many other robots. The release of a new generation of robots has strengthened the Estun robot series, while also providing richer choices for various industries.

The ecological chain of Estun robot industry demonstrates its vitality and provides highly competitive industry solutions in the woodworking and furniture industry, photovoltaic industry, sheet metal industry, die casting industry, PCB industry, and logistics and warehousing industry.

CLOOS welding robot and welding technology

Estun and CLOOS demonstrated application cases of arc welding robots, manual welding power supply and robot-specific welding power supply technology.

M.A.i complete solution for injection molding industry

Estun cooperates with M.A.i to create an automation solution for the injection molding industry. It adopts the modular concept of production units and integrates pick-and-place systems and quality inspection systems to achieve high-flexibility production while meeting subsequent functional integration and expansion.

At the industrial fair site, Estun Automation will continue to share new product technologies and applications with colleagues in the industry. Welcome your visit and guidance, there are more to share, I hope you will not miss it!

We sincerely invite all colleagues in the industry to visit the Estun Automation booth and discuss the development trend of automation and robots with you!

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