The new release of Motion Perfect V5 means:

Trio is not only a motion controller supplier

Motion Perfect V5 integrates the parameter monitoring, status monitoring, and servo tuning tools of the DX4 series servo system, which can realize the unified management of the Trio motion control system and the DX4 servo system, making development easier.

The DX4 series servo system is a brand-new servo drive launched by TRIO. With TRIO motion control, it will provide users with a complete set of motion control + servo system, a complete high-end motion control solution.

Knowing PLC, you can easily play Trio motion controller

Motion Perfect V5 optimizes the IEC61131-3 programming environment to provide users with a more easy-to-use integrated development environment: (1) Support four mainstream programming languages (ST, LD, FBD, SFC) (2) Support custom complex Data type (structure, enumeration, bit field), and support import and export. (3) Simple variable management, support text and table management of variables (4) ST conforms to PLCopen IEC61131-3 CL certification level

At the same time, Trio provides motion control function modules based on the IEC61131-3 standard

(1) Follow “PLCopen Motion Control Standard_Part1_V2.0”
(2) Support “ContinuousUpdate” function
(3) Support 6 kinds of BufferMode motion mixed mode
(4) Inherit and integrate Trio’s typical motion control instructions
(5) Cooperate with TrioBasic program to realize application

Reminder: The recent TRIO product training will give a detailed introduction to Motion Perfect V5 and DX4 products. Friends in need are welcome to register and participate.

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